Back to LIFE- Sidekick Nicks Story

Back to LIFE!

How many providers have you seen for your maladies? Three? Five? Twelve? More? 

How much money has been spent in an attempt to find change in your body? Let’s not include the time, energy, or effort that could have been spent somewhere else. 

We’re going to guess that the answer to both questions is similar: Too many! Too much!

Sidekick Nick’s story isn’t so dissimilar to yours. As an EMT, professional climber, and father, he had to be very, very good at all of his jobs. His shoulders, however, were a janky MESS! Nick was given diagnoses ranging from chostochondritis to Bankart lesions to thoracic outlet syndrome (holy syllables Batman!). The healthcare system, the eclectic series of health providers, and years of time could not put this Humpty Dumpty back together again. The pain was constant and debilitating! 5 years later, enter…

THOM BODY THEORY and karate chops of LIFE!

One appointment later, Sidekick Nick could feel his right arm again. That was different from the norm… Six weeks and six appointments later he was climbing at full power, and 6 months later he had laser beams coming out of his eyes and teleporting powers! Not quite, but he could climb again, drive a manual vehicle, and hold his big ol’ baby. 

Ultimately, the time, money, and effort spent in the 6 months was much less on all three accounts than that spent over the last 5 years. 

Save yourself the same headache, money, and years of time on people who don’t spend the time on your body that you deserve. Let’s see what we can do to bring you BACK TO LIFE!

SideKick Nick swinging AGAIN!