Pricing for 2020

Thom Body Theory

UPDATED at time of service pricing for 2020

15 MIN for $50    Focused/children treatments

One area or child (age at Dr. discretion usually about 12-14 years of age)

Treatment includes but not limited to: Adjustments; limited muscle work; and education of how to correct most issues with parents in the allotted time.

30MIN for $99    Regional Treatments

This is our typical follow up treatment time. We don’t usually have time to walk through all the issues in every area of the body here; but we will try our hardest to get there!

Treatment includes but not limited to: Exams most treatments; adjustments; muscle work; rehab exercises; and lifestyle changes within allotted time.

45MIN for $145    OVERHAUL 

This is a great option if it’s been a while and just want to get a lot of issues worked at a fast pace.  With this treatment, patients tend to get “shocky”.  Please consult the Dr. to see if you qualify for this option.

Treatment includes but not limited to: Exams; adjustments; muscle work; rehab exercises; and lifestyle changes with time allotted.  Typically, we do lots of exams on the issues to effectively troubleshoot within allotted time.

New Patients     60 MIN- $250

Includes: consultation; review of tests; pertinent history; exams; adjustments; muscle work; rehab exercises; lifestyle causes; and connections to activities of daily living; within time allotted.  New Patients are treated on first visits unless contraindications are found.

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