We are open during COVID19

Currently, we have no plans to close the office. 


BUTTT….Here are some tips to keep your immune system tip top during this season. 

1) Fruits and Veggies are your FRIENDS. Try and increase FRESH fruits and vegetables DAILY. When these are cooked it tends to denature the vitamins that help your body. 

2) Naps. If you’re feeling run down naps are a great tool to keep your immune system running tip top. 

3) Go for a walk and get outside. This will help to destress as well as an opportunity for some needed vitamin D.  Walking is great at boosting the immune system while strenuous exercise actually knocks it down.  

4) See your bodyworkers (US). Chiropractic; Massage; Acupuncture keeps the immune system working soundly.  Schedule online; text or call the office: 303-980-4118. Texting works great for us.  Just make sure you include your name; along with wanted day and timeish to get scheduled with us.  

IF you don’t feel tip top…

Stay safe-  Use Hospitals only if needed.  


Hospitals are full of people with a cough and sniffles wondering if they have the virus.  This is clogging up the system for people who are desperate and need attention.  

Most people’s immune system works amazing and will just fight it off even if they have it.   Use the same protocols with loved ones who are not in good health as you would with every other common illness this time of year.  

In the office we are taking more time between patients to clean rooms and “clear air”. If you have any concerns please ask and we will accommodate when possible.

Please wear a mask while in the building and common office areas.

Also the staff will be in masks as well.

Per usual; our “week of” online schedule always looks full.  However, we CAN schedule in the background at the office.  So when you do your 52 holes of golf in two days and wonder why you cannot stand upright- not to worry.  We have your back!  

Cheers and Happy DAYS!!!

-Dr Adam