Trigger Points that Help the Immune System

trigger point for covid-19

Thoracic- This is where your immune system sits. Also, this shunts blood to and from the brain. Keep this area loose and it will help you fight off the crud, clear the lungs, subside vertigo, and ward off migraine type headaches

Latissimus Dorsi (lats)- Did you know that your sympathetic nervous system resides around your lats? The sympathetics are responsible for the fight or flight response. Why do you want those loose? It will let your body focus on the immune response, keep the lungs open, and control the cortisol (stress hormone) release. 

Lower Back- Immune system and serotonin receptors can be found in the gut and lower back. Keep these loose and moving, so that the L1 nerve root can do its job!  L1 is the nerve that is responsible for the way that your brain “sees” the rib cage on down. These are stressful times, and I am sure we all want a little boost in serotonin to keep the blues away. 

How Do I Work on Them? 

Got a tennis, softball, lacrosse, or dog ball laying around? This is great to get into those highlighted areas. Use a wall, chair, door, Styrofoam roller, and get into your lats. 

Whatever you do, keep moving, eat right, get outside, and drink plenty of fluids. No excuses, take care the things you have control over. 

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