Sinuses, Sleep, & Slouchy Oh My!

The three current culprits!

The Immune system killers!

Stuffed sinuses? Aches in your face? Trouble sleeping? It’s the time of year all these maladies are here to inconvenience you! These are natural reactions to daily life and illness…and our paraspinals lock up to cope with our activities. 


Releasing your sinuses this time of year should not only offer some relief from your sniffles but allow you to breathe easier and fight infections the way you’re meant to. Giving attention to the back of your skull allows these sinuses to drain and rid themselves of the gunk that ails you. Whether it’s seasonal allergies or simply the horrendous quality of our air recently, your sinuses may need a little love. 


Ever find yourself prim and upright first thing in the morning (as we sit at the computer) only to be crumpled over the desk by noon? Your thoracics and paraspinals may need some help. Slouching tends to initiate a vicious cycle that compromises your immune system while activating your sympathetic nervous system, which brings us to…

SLEEP! We do, indeed, need sleep. Sinuses and Slouchy AFFECT OUR SLEEP! 

As our sympathetic nervous system is activated by an over-stressed thoracolumbar region (see above) we often begin to secrete hormones that initiate our fight-or-flight reaction…exactly what we don’t want before catching Z’s. As we begin to unwind your thoracic spine you might find your stress response dissipate while simultaneously allowing your immune system to function at its highest capacity and giving you an opportunity to sleep the way you’re built to. 

Lastly, we are introducing SIDEKICK NICK

Sidekick Nick in ACTION!
SideKIck Nick in ACTION!

Spending the better part of 30 years in Colorado has led me to a rambunctious and eclectic mix of activities and sports, most of which leading to injury at some point. After many, many attempts to recover from them I came to find my body’s natural healing ability through chiropractic bodywork. With extensive experience in EMS and as a CNA pursuing a nursing degree I am well-versed in interacting with patients from all walks of life. Helping them find their own restoration through this work truly puts a smile on my face. My guiding philosophy in health and wellness is that our bodies are built to move and desire to heal!

In my spare time you may see me climbing, spending time with my son, or running a book club or two.