See you Tuesday April 14!

Friday March 27, 2020

The Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) who regulate all the professional licenses in the state, have mandated all state chiropractic clinics shutter until April 14.

The order may be rescinded or extended. Of course we would love to have it rescinded. To that avenue- YOU CAN HELP!

Drea doing her part!

Currently, doctors and patients alike are trying to get the order rescinded. Here is a letter and email address for governor Polis below. Put Rescind the Ban on Chiropractic in the subject and feel free to send your own thoughts as well!


Dear Governor Polis,

It is our view that Chiropractic services are necessary and essential to the wellbeing and the body’s ability to boost the immune response that keeps people out of hospitals.  Included are some articles to reference hereherehere and here.  

If you would like to do your own research please google “chiropractic research immune system”.  

Also, we are trying to aid all the people working from home in a less than ideal workspace.  These people will be in pain and not have many choices to mitigate their ailments than to go and clog up the emergency rooms.  

Increased body pain coincides with increased stress levels which decreases the body’s immune system.  The body is now an easier target for COVID-19.

Chiropractic enables and supports people to be well, healthy, balanced, work efficiently and effectively. Patients who choose chiropractic believe it is essential to their lives.  In times like these, taking away chiropractic care from people causes harm. We need to keep those who are focused on staying healthy out of the hospitals. Chiropractic provides relief from the inevitable stresses and ergonomic strains caused by work at home setups.

We respectfully ask you to reconsider and rescind the ban on Chiropractors.

Thank you for your consideration.