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Jessica Lockfield -THE BODY MECHANIC-

Jessica Lockfeld graduated as a massage therapist from Colorado School of Healing Arts in 1997 and has been a practicing massage therapist ever since, with side trips into EMT school as well as continuing her work as a sleep lab technologist for several years.  Massage has always been the work she loves the best.

She practices and teaches judo at Denver Judo, so understands all those grappling injuries, having had most of them herself. This also gives her an active interest in sports massage and injury rehabilitation.  She has abundant practice at keeping elite competitors in peak condition.

She shares with Dr. Thom a passion for having clients be at their healthy, productive best.

She takes time to sail with her husband on the Pacific coast of Mexico most winters, so you can anticipate three month absences now and then, but don’t worry, she always comes back.

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