Closed for normal business until Tuesday April 28, 2020

Opening clinic for emergency appointments starting Starting April 14.

-Friday April 10, 2020 2:21pm-

Governor Polis has extended stay-at-home as well as the halt on elective procedures until April 26, 2020.  

What this means for Thom Body Theory

We are opening up the clinic for emergency visits on Tuesday and Friday mornings.  However; these appointments need to meet the criteria shown below.  These appointments will be our normal emergency price of $198.  Extra time will be given to clean between patients and keep people from contact while in the clinic (other than us).

If you have an INJURY and/or you feel that your condition will deteriorate without care, you are allowed to seek treatment, ESPECIALLY if it will keep you out of the ER/urgent care.  

Contact us at 303-980-4118 or schedule under the 30min EMERGENCY visit in schedulicity

Katrina has the phone at home and will be available to answer any questions.  As always- texting works great for us.  

We plan on getting back to more of a normal practice setting on Tuesday April 28, 2020.  Those of you that can hold off till then- take care; do some exercises; turn off the news and stay positive.  

See you all soon!

-Dr Adam