Changes in 2021

Oh 2020- it’s been a year! 

A few important things…

Think of doing switching to an HSA plan or FSA plan with open enrollment.  There are many options – if you are healthy and have no upcoming surgeries in the next year; these plans may save you money.  

We accept these plans as well.  

Basically, it is a pretax account that is monitored by your health insurance company or a subsidiary.  A “credit card” is given to the employee to spend on anything health related.  

As of next year, we are not accepting health insurance (HSA and FSA are still great).

The Lockdown in April showed us at Thom Body Theory a weakness in our business plan.  Along with a big change involving all insurances and the Colorado Chiropractic by-law changes; it’s been a bit of a challenge. 

We remain solvent but, I’ve had to come to some conclusions.  

Thom Body Theory is at a weird place in the chiropractic healthcare market.  We are TOP TIER in what we do.  Typically, we help patients in less than 5 visits where most others are still doing 3 visits per week and 5-minute treatments for months and STILL not getting the results we can provide.  

Our unique approach is face to face contact.  Sadly; in healthcare this too is going away.  

With the “hands on” approach that gives the results you have come to appreciate, there is also an impact it has on our bodies as practitioners of the method I have developed.  

We are changing our pricing.  I understand we just did this a year ago- but I know we are still an amazing value for what we do and the quick turnarounds you have come to expect.  

Till January we are offering our normal 5 and 10 multiple visit prepaid plans at the current prices; 5% off and 10% off respectively.  

Colorado Chiropractic updated our bylaws earlier this year.  We are no longer offering a 25 visit Multiple Visit Package due to these changes.  

In January new prices are as follows:

15min or less for $65  -Focused Treatment/Child

30min for $159  -Regional/Typical Treatments

60min for $250 -New Patients 

Thank you for your trust as your partner in health.  I look forward to serving everyone for years to come.

Yours truly,

Dr Adam Paul Thom