Chronic Vertigo, Ear Infections, and Meniere’s Disease

vertigoChronic Vertigo, Ear infections and Meniere’s disease- “Just for Fun?”

How are all these connected?  The answer?

It all has to do with how the upper part of the neck is either working or not.  According to the anatomy books, all the nerves in this area control the ears, face, sinuses and jaw.  In these cases the upper part of the neck is not working like it should.  These nerves are blocked that go to the ears.  More importantly, not just the parts of the ears we can see but also the inner ear, which controls HEARING and BALANCE.  If you have loss of balance its called VERTIGO.  A combination of loss of hearing and vertigo is called MENIERE’S DISEASE!   A simple increase in tension to this area increases the chance for EAR INFECTIONS!

Here at Thom Body Theory, we have perfected techniques for fixing vertigo, chronic ear infections and Meniere’s disease.

I have seen many people with vertigo.  Patients who have tried every medication that’s available and still have vertigo.  A specific patient had it for 10 years!  At least half of every week she was on bedrest and unable to function because she would get the “spins” so bad.  After seeing her one time a week for 3 months, she hardly has episodes anymore; and if she does, she is still able to function!  SHE HAS HER LIFE AND FAMILY BACK!

I have a patient who at the age of 5 was on antibiotics with tubes in BOTH ears for chronic ear infections.  All this and he would STILL get infections about ONCE A MONTH!  After the VERY FIRST TREATMENT he could touch his ear and not have pain.  Currently he has had only one minor ear infection in the LAST YEAR…his sinuses and allergies have also cleared up!  Parents and patient are very happy!

Meniere’s disease is usually treated with steroids and anti-inflammatories, which cause weight gain with prolonged use.

I’m proud to say that with our help all of these conditions can be at least decreased if not, fixed.  We use principles and techniques that help aid the body in actually CORRECTING the cause of issues.

These are not new ideas; just old ones that make common sense.

No big words or complicated jargon needed.

The basic idea starts with a simple question- “If you weren’t born like this, then what changed?”

Fixing complicated cases is our specialty.  We will make a difference in your life!

Adam Paul Thom DC