Chronic Headaches and Migraines: A New Perspective.

I see a lot of these.

Some weeks more than anything else.

Some that come to me with a stack of doctor visits and tests.

I cannot imagine… Waking up day after day with pain that people do not understand. I have migraines every once in a while and I can almost always trace it back to three things. ( I say ALMOST always because I play Judo and BJJ and get hit in the head sometimes;))

a picture of the sub occipital; atlas and axis
  1. Occipital Atlas and Axis motion disfunction. We eval for this in a seated position. This is Very IMPORTANT! Almost all Chiropractors; Physical Therapists and Massage Therapist eval while patient is still and the muscles are relaxed. This is a mistake that allows the Dr. to miss many clues to the disfunction. Thats why we eval for this in a weight bearing; muscles engaged position.
  2. Suboccipital Triggerpoints. These are vector (line of drive) issues. Most practitioners contact the muscles correctly but then push up towards the patients eyes. It should be done by pulling from under the skull on the suboccipitals to the top of the head.
  3. Thoracic spine disfunction. Missed by EVERYONE! According to medical research, most migraines come from a spasm in the middle menigieal artery found deep in the brain. (Look it up on Back in anatomy and physiology in college we all learned that (stick with me) all arteries have a muscle wall that is controlled by the sympathic nervous system. The area that controls the middle menigeal artery is in the upper thoracic spine (BETWEEN YOUR SHOULDER BLADES).

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