A New Perspective on Chronic Headaches


Chronic Headaches

I have had many people in the office suffering with daily headaches for YEARS! They have tried everything medical and alternative without results.
They all have the same story; it started about the time of a new job or not too long after having kids. For some it starts all the way back to grade school!
The body is governed by some simple principles.
1 Big Muscles DRIVE
2 The body is EFFICIENT and doesn’t do things “JUST FOR FUN”
3 Reflexes RULE .
With these principles, the stage is set for a deeper level of understanding.
As we look at the anatomy and physiology of the body we can see how shoulder muscles connect to the neck and head. Some of these muscles are BIG muscles covering a lot of area with a massive amount of leverage.
In a person with chronic headaches, pain is not there just for fun- it’s the body’s way of telling the conscious mind “SOMETHING IS WRONG”. Unfortunately, the body’s screams get muffled by medication and never get to a deeper cause of the issue. (If medication is the only thing that’s working; don’t let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t be taking medication!)
We have found a NEW way to work with the muscles and bio mechanics that CAUSE the headaches. In fact, there has never been a patient that we have not been able to help!
We understand the causes of Headaches. Even if you have tried everything else; you have not tried us. We will help you where others have not!
-Adam Paul Thom DC