As of April 28, 2020 the schedule is open and we are changing lives!

As we navigate through this here are a few updates. 

Git er’ dun!

1). Please wear a face covering while in the office. You may be fine with “it” but someone in the office may be uncomfortable. Please be considerate.

2). Usually I run long on appointments. Again- in order to keep the flow going, we will have to stick to appointment times. Less people in an area means less chances for infection. 

3). Schedulicity should have an option to pay as you are booking appointments. Keep an eye out!  This is an exciting option that should go live in the next few days. This means getting through office quicker with less stops. 

4). If there has been any contact with COVID please let us know! This does not necessarily mean you cannot be seen.  Depending on situation; we may just move you to the end of day where there is less chance for crossover infection. 

5). Book AHEAD!!! We WANT TO SEE YOU! Always feel free to text/ call/ email the office to ask about a time slot that Schedulicity has full. You may get lucky! (Probably not BOOK AHEAD!)

It will be great to be changing lives again! 

As always, stay safe and turn off the news!

See you soon!

-Dr Adam