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Growing up in a small farming community in Wisconsin taught me the value of common sense in everyday life.  Oddly enough, it has taken me moving around the country to see just how uncommon, common sense is…

It all started with my desire to become a better M.D. while I was in college.  At that time, I saw medicine as a way to battle sickness and disease.  So I figured the most basic premise of any battle is to know your enemy.  With this in mind, I learned as much as I could about bacteria and viruses and the sicknesses they cause people.  As I was ending my advanced classes in microbiology, my professor pulled me aside and asked why I did all these classes of extra study.

My reply, “Bacteria and viruses cause sickness and disease.  I am trying to become the best doctor I can and know as much about my enemy as possible.”

My professor’s response was simple.   “The bacteria that causes Strep, Pneumonia, and Staff infections is on our bodies from the day we are born to the day we die- knowing about these is not the answer.”

“Then what causes sickness and disease?” I questioned.

“If you figure that out you will be a great doctor.” My professor replied.

Confused- I went to my normal workout that night.  My martial arts instructor saw a very confused look on my face as I was still trying to decipher the conversation from earlier that day.

After explaining to him what had happened he simply said to me “You should go into chiropractic.”

Not knowing much about it, I was intrigued as to why he would suggest chiropractic.

He explained; “Everything happens in the body for a reason.  A healthy body deals with sickness through the nervous system.  Chiropractors work on the nervous system to improve the way the body deals with sickness and disease.”

I was hooked and learned as much as I could.  This led me to a place, further than I had ever traveled from home-Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA.

After a 3.5 year education and the first doctor in the family, I started my first chiropractic clinic in the far South Suburbs of Chicago.  Despite several obstacles:  no connections within the community, chiropractors a few doors down on each side of me and debt up to my ears, I ended up making a profit the first month!


I have had many injuries due to the years of high intensity training at many levels.  As with any type of training, injuries occurred.  After a while, little injuries became constant issues until finally, something would become an ailment that would be constantly painful.

Okay-  I’M A DOCTOR and I’M STILL HAVING PAIN. After spending over 100K on my education I needed to seek new and interesting ways both inside and outside of the chiropractic profession to fix my injuries- all the while questioning “WHY is the body doing this”; “HOW do we prevent a re-injury” and “can we fix it FASTER?”

This has led me to some amazing discoveries in shoulder injuries, shoulder rehab, headache causes and cures, elbow and wrist pain and injuries- including carpel tunnel syndrome, hip pain, hip injuries, foot pain- including plantar fasciitis and heel spurs, knee pain, lower back pain and neck pain.

Currently I am putting together formats to educate both patients and health professionals interested in learning more about these techniques and getting FIXED!

If you have seen another chiropractor without much success, you need to STILL TRY US!

Remember, your body isn’t sick or giving you pain just for fun…WHAT CHANGED?

We specialize in finding and fixing ailments that many other professionals have tried to fix but to no avail.

We will change your life!

Introducing SIDEKICK NICK!

Spending the better part of 30 years in Colorado has led me to a rambunctious and eclectic mix of activities and sports, most of which leading to injury at some point. After many, many attempts to recover from them I came to find my body’s natural healing ability through chiropractic bodywork. With extensive experience in EMS and as a CNA pursuing a nursing degree I am well-versed in interacting with patients from all walks of life. Helping them find their own restoration through this work truly puts a smile on my face. My guiding philosophy in health and wellness is that our bodies are built to move and desire to heal!

In my spare time you may see me climbing, spending time with my son, or running a book club or two. 


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